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New card feature: In-game redeeming!

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Minecraft


As I stated late last year the core focus of this years development effort is being spent on in-game features. Part of this strategy is to fully integrate our pre-existing online services such as our shopping, auctions, cards and referrals into command line interfaces you can use in-game.

Today this is the first of our major features to make that leap. From now on you can simply type /card followed by the name of the card you wish to redeem. This is a great system because you needn’t be exact.

For example if you typed in /card diamond you’ll be presented with two possible cards like below (If you have both of these cards of course)


And if you wanted to redeem the top card you could type /card diamond block or even just /card block as-long as the software can narrow down what you’re typing to a single card that you have it will redeem that card.

It’s so easy to use that I think this is the perfect way to deliver in-game card redeeming. Of course the website isn’t going anywhere this is simply an extra feature. This in-game card redeeming system is live now on our survival server so you can hop on and try it out!