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Featured Build: BooBoo Temple by Rambo_Nol

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Minecraft

What is the name of your project?
My Project is named the BooBoo Temple, after the nickname that Stephanie_W gave me, and being a temple of a village I have yet to build. (It will be the BooBoo Realm when completed and everything is added)

What is the theme of your build?
The theme of my build is mostly shown to be Hell-ish and to represent how people think of me. It is supposed to show many ways of me being an overlord, and how I rule over my people and make it hell for them.

Which parts of your build are special to you?
I feel that the outside of the temple is very unique shape and the redstone behind glass and fences is very special. They help show how my build is completely my own by keeping it unique. The entire build is special because I have a long plan laid out to make it my Legendary Crafter build.

Did you complete it to your satisfaction?
It isn’t even complete, but so far I am liking how it is turning out. I never cease to impress myself with how far I’ve come with my building skills, considering I have failed 6 Architect applications and have a bad reputation with building.

Any expansion plans for this build or the area in which it sits?
I have so many plans, I will shorten it as much as possible so ask me in game for more details. I plan to add a village of hell and the village has a pathway leading to the temple which will be nearby. Underground I plan to expand the doorways in the throne room into a spiral tower going far above surface, and the other doorways as a jail and weapons production facility. I will also need to terraform and dig a lot more to add to it.

Another plan I have is to finish my underground area, then finish above ground. After that I will go back to underground and revise that, then revise above ground. Then I will do a feedback session from anyone who wants to help out, and do the full revision 1, then full revision 2. Finally I will ask for any last feedback and then add finishing touches!

Who if anyone assisted you with this build that you’d like to mention?
And I don’t honestly remember everyone that helped but there was a large amount of people who helped dig the main hall’s (with the fire) hole. The main helpers are listed on the shelf for their reasons. The exception of Tidge123 for helping me as “Feedback Expert”. I have recently added it in the in game version though.

WHEN I get Legendary Crafter (and I will), my special assistance squad will be handsomely rewarded.

Thank you Rambo_Nol!

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