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Rank applications, which server do I build on?

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Minecraft

A street in Pandora. Picture taken by TheMinecraftzx

Recently we have told you in-game that if you want to rank up to Epic Crafter or Legendary Crafter that it needs to be done on our Survival server.

I made this decision because I wanted to keep these ranks quite desirable and very difficult to obtain but in doing so I realise that I’ve both stifled creativity and halted several promising projects that were being made on our Creative server.

So I am reversing this policy. If you want to build your Epic Crafter or Legendary Crafter submission on our Creative server you are completely free to do so. This policy will not be changing again this is now set in stone so you can make great stuff with confidence.

Thank you for your patience while I made my decision about this! 🙂