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Introducing: Purchasing Player Heads!

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Minecraft

I’m really excited to introduce player head purchasing today. It’s a feature I’ve been talking about for several days and today I had some free time to implement it. It works just how I explained in-game, each head costs R500 and 75% of that purchase price goes to the player whose head it is you’re buying.

That means if you’re a pretty popular player you could be making R375 multiple times a week just from other players purchasing your head!

There is one limit to this feature, you may only purchase the head of a player that has actually logged in to our server. So you cannot use this to get popular YouTubers heads or mojang employee heads. We’ll be offering those at a later date.

I hope you’ll all enjoy this new feature. You can hop on over to to try it out!