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Introducing: PVP Toggling!

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Minecraft

PVP on our server is largely unregulated. Players are free to PVP each other in the wilderness and within the borders of towns that support PVP. But it has become clear that some of our players just do not want to PVP under any circumstances. These players just want to create. It is for this reason that I have written us a custom PVP Toggling system and from now on by default all players will have PVP disabled.

How it works:
  • All players from this post have PVP disabled on our Survival server
  • You can type /pvp on and you will now be able to attack and be attacked
  • You can type /pvp off and you will now be unable to attack or be attacked
  • Your PVP setting (off or on) stays until you change it, even after logging out
  • You are charged an R50 fee for turning PVP off, you are not charged for turning PVP on
  • You can only change your PVP status once every 30 minutes to keep PVP fair

This is a completely custom solution, I wrote it myself today and I think it covers all the bases. So to reiterate, all players have PVP disabled by default. They have to explicitly enable PVP. Once you enable it, it stays on until you turn it off again. To turn it off, you will be charged a small fee. You can only turn PVP on/off once every 30 minutes.