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Changes to our Spawn Temple

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Minecraft


Player shops on our server are one of the most popular ways that you trade and make money. But the success of your shops has created a tiny problem, you simply created so many that we ran out of room to showcase your shops.

You filled every fascia at /warp shop, so we created a more basic warp board for adding more shops but you filled that too! – Even with us removing shops that aren’t stocked every sunday we still have a space issue.

Stephanie_W had an idea, what if we reconfigure the inside of the spawn temple to feature a list of each shop and the towns which feature lots of shops. This area has four times the amount of room as the shop area does for warp signs and it’s right at the entrance to the temple making it a heavily trafficked area.

So that is exactly what we’ve done. Now when you enter the temple you’ll find individual shop warps to the left and towns which feature shops to the right. I’m confident this will boost the traffic your shops receive and help you make more money as a result.