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Betting updates!

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Minecraft

Yesterday I added the new betting feature and holy [email protected]!# have you guys been betting. As of this post the jackpot sits at R46482.36 – More than Forty Six Thousand Rennies.

Already 1,152 bets have been placed. That is an insanely crazy amount of individual bets.

So clearly this is a hit, you all want to win and I have adjusted the win/loss system so it’s a bit more likely you’ll win. I’ve also added in a winner log at the bottom of the betting page as illustrated in the image at the top of this post so you know who to mug later!

I’ve also added statistics as shown above so you can see how you’re doing. I’ve only begun recording these statistics from today so bets you placed yesterday are not shown in the new statistics area.

I’m really pleased you all are enjoying this feature I do intend to keep adding new features to it including that ability to find cards by betting and more pay out rewards. To that end I’ve already added a 4th win amount, three-quarter payouts.

Have fun 🙂