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DDoS Service Update, we’re live!

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Minecraft

Server-SwitchAfter a week of trialing our new DDoS service ( I’ve determined it is perfect for our needs. Very low latency only a 15ms increase for our European players and our American players have actually seen a latency reduction by using the new DDoS service over directly connecting to the server.

As strange as that sounds it is correct, the data centre in france simply has much better peering (physical internet link) to America than our servers own english ISP does resulting in lower latencies for Americans. I expect to see similar gains for Australian and Asia-Pacific players as well.

So today is the switch over. All of our services including our websites will be moving over to the new DDoS mitigation server operating from France. This new service offers us 750Gb/s of protection shared among other customers within their data centre. They have never had an attack even come close to that size so I think we will be very safe here.

Over the past week the connection has been incredibly stable having not disconnected a single time during testing. As always if you find yourself having any connectivity problems including lag spikes whilst connected please write about it in our forums so we can look in to the cause of the problem.

Thank you 🙂