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Minecraft Name Changing Support

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014 in Minecraft

Today Mojang released a preview of Minecraft v1.7.6 and it is the first version of the game which includes the necessary code for player name changes. This is a feature Mojang intends to launch soon which allows you to change your player name. This isn’t like the nick command you may already be familiar with this is an entire account name change and another player can take your old name once you change to a new name.

The reason I’m making this post today is to tell you to simply hold off on changing your name until we make an announcement that we are ready to support this feature. Right now none of our plugins support it neither do any of our own home-grown software.

This means if you were to change your name before we are ready you will lose access to your towns, protected chests, cards, auctions, your rank etc

So please don’t change your name until you see us make an announcement that we are supporting this feature. Thank you 🙂