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Web services update & Facebook april fools

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Minecraft

One of my goals as a server owner is to make our offerings as easy to use as possible and to eliminate all the little annoyances that impede you having fun. I’m correcting one of these today, the function of our webshops gift box (as pictured above).

The problem is one many of you have encountered, you enter in a gift recipient, send them some items and then forget to remove their name from the box before sending yourself something.

So how am I fixing this? Well I’m just adding an idle detector, if you don’t send anything to the name written in the gift recipient box for three minutes the box will automatically clear itself. It’s a really simple fix that I have no doubt will put an end to this common pain point.

Secondly I’m significantly bumping up the login security of our online services. Prior to today your logins were stored on your computer and our server using a 12 digit cryptographic hash. This isn’t a password it’s just a computer key but it is possible for a hash this short to be brute forced so I have increased the hash size from 12 digits to 40 digits. If you would like the added security simply click “Logout Everywhere” from one of our web pages and log back in again.

The third thing I wanted to discuss was our Facebook acquisition april fools joke from yesterday. I didn’t realise so many of you would believe it! – It was of course just a joke pointing some fun at Facebooks recent purchase of oculus. You may have also noticed if you logged in yesterday that the sounds and skins on our server were different from normal, I wish I could take credit for this brilliant prank but it was actually Mojangs doing.

I hope everyone is having a great week and a good start to April 🙂