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Featured Build: Pandora Library by Stephanie_W

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Minecraft

What is the name of your project?
Pandora Library.

What is the theme of your build?
Theme of the Library is from the Victoria Era. I always loved the building style and extreme details put into them. It’s a very Romantic time in history. So I wanted to put in a District in Pandora Dedicated to this. The Library was the 1st of many builds to be added there using this theme.

Which parts of your build are special to you?
The parts that are really special to me are the designs I made on the front of the building and inside. I was really proud of myself when I see the final product of them. Was a lot of fun to play around with making new designs. I learned a lot.

Did you complete it to your satisfaction?
To Be honest yes. Granted there is always more I think I could have done but I think it came out great :) So yea I’m satisfied with the outcome.

Any expansion plans for this build or the area in which it sits?
Oh God. Yes. I will be adding Player Housing Styled in Victorian Style. From Single homes to apartments. A Hospital, Asylum, Town Hall, Gardens and Farms in Victorian Glass Greenhouses (Thank God for coloured glass) A Church will also be added along with some other secrets I plan on adding.

Who if anyone assisted you with this build that you’d like to mention? And how instrumental were they in its construction?
I was extremely lucky on this build to have amazing people help me!

strang was there working beside me with interior and exterior design and did the entrance way and seating upstairs.

SJL1999 and SKYLINE1000000 Did a lot of land clearing and material supplying.

And so many other players in-game that would come over and give me tips and idea’s on what could be fixed. It was a really great pull together of minds. I am really grateful for everyone who helped no matter how big or small I really couldn’t have accomplished my goal and build my vision without you guys <3 Thank you so much!!!

Thank you Stephanie_W!

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