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DDoS Mitigation Service Update

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Minecraft

A few days ago I asked for you (our players) to help me in testing our new DDoS mitigation service and I’m happy that many of you have done so. Today is stage two of testing and I would very much like you to take part.

We tested a data centre in Italy and now we are testing one in France which offers half the latency (lag). But I need more observations to make an informed decision about which service we’ll be using.

So I’d very much like you to ping three addresses for me. Our Italian data centre, our French data centre and our Server in England.

To do that, on Windows open command prompt and type in ping followed by an address. Here are the three addresses:


Once you’ve pinged each of them I would very much like for you to post the results here on our forums.

Thank you so much – And feel free to play on or and post your experiences in the thread aswell.