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New Easter Egg “Speed Racer 2” Added!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Minecraft


A couple of days ago we added “Speed Racer” a new Easter Egg by Hall742. Today we’re following that up with “Speed Racer 2” a sequel also made by Hall742 that includes even more unique obstacles than the first. I literally demanded Hall create Speed Racer 2 as his original Easter Egg is extremely popular and has been discussed at length since he built it.

An Easter Egg like this deserves a unique card to go with it and so the first time you complete it you will acquire a “Run 20% Faster” card which like the first Easter Egg’s “Jump 2 Blocks Higher” Card is an Epic level card which lasts 5 minutes and has a 24 hour cooldown.

You’ll find the entrance to this Easter Egg at /warp travel within the japanese building. Go up inside and jump on the bed!