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Making nations more relevent

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Minecraft

Nations on the server don’t really have a specific use, that is to say you cannot easily say how being a part of a nation benefits you or the town you’re a part of.

None of the nations on the server currently tax the towns which are a part of them and they don’t really give materials or Rennies to their members.

To try to make nations more worthwhile I’m going to be integrating them in to our web services in multiple ways. The first of which is a new “Nation Card” system whereby the nation head will specify a reward and a card will be made for that nation. All members of all towns under that nation will automatically receive this card in their card deck and be able to redeem it multiple times like any other card. An example of such a card is at the top for Panda Dynasty, the Nation I’m a member of.

I’ll also be adding a nation discount system whereby your nation head will be able to specify a discount amount and then when any member of a town within that nation makes a purchase on the shop a certain percentage of that purchase price will be deducted from the nation instead of the players personal wallet. This system will monitor how much each towns members are spending and allow you to place caps on a towns daily withdrawals.

I’ll be adding these features and more over the coming days and weeks so keep checking our home page for more news!