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DDoS Mitigation Service Added

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Minecraft

A few days ago we had our 3rd DDoS attack on the server this year. It has become apparent that the attacks won’t stop and they are if anything gaining in frequency. In the past three months we’ve had more attacks than in the past four years.

So today I’ve setup a professional DDoS mitigation system for our server. It’s expensive but I feel it’s worth having. With this service we have a dedicated 7Gb/s of bandwidth 24.7 to absorb an attack and that can scale up to 150Gb/s of mitigation if we need it during a major attack.

The way the service works is quite simple, when you connect to our domain name ( you will now connect to the Anti-DDoS service I have selected. Their servers will then verify that the data you’re sending to us is legitimate and then it will facilitate a secure connection between you and our servers.

This connection is known as a secure tunnel and your IP Address is forwarded through the tunnel allowing us to still do IP Bans on players and link your game accounts to our online web services (Shops, Auctions etc). This means it’s completely transparent, you don’t need to do anything.

I’m confident this will solve a serious problem and make the server much less vulnerable to attack. If you find any issues connecting with the server or find the latency is much higher than usual please contact me (Pri) directly through the game or on our forums. I will make sure to solve any performance issues we have while rolling out the Anti-DDoS protection.