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High-Performance WorldEdit enabled on Creative!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Minecraft

Today I have installed a new plugin on our Creative server which adds asynchronous processing to WorldEdit. Put simply this plugin queues up what you’re attempting to change with WorldEdit in to a block queue so that it can process one block at a time in sequence. In-between each block change it pauses for a moment and allows the other parts of the server to process. Things like chat, player moment, other players placing/destroying blocks and so on.

This is very important because as you all know if you do a very large block change with WorldEdit the server can lag momentarily or freeze for several seconds to several minutes or even crash entirely. By making these changes asynchronous it enables the server to run smoothly regardless of how many blocks you’re editing.

The only downside to this new plugin is after you make an edit using WorldEdit it will say to you in chat that it has performed 0 block changes when in-fact it has performed changes but this new plugin we are using has taken over the duty of actually performing the changes on WorldEdit’s behalf.

You can still use all the same WorldEdit commands you’re accustomed to so for you nothing really appears to have changed but the server will run a lot smoother and you can make larger edits without worrying about the impact on other players.