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Changes to shop windows at spawn

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Minecraft

Prior to today you had 14 days to create your actual shop that players would be teleported to after purchasing a shop window.

Today this is changing, you are now required to have an established shop with stocked goods before you may purchase a shop window. We are making this change because too many players have purchased shop windows before their shops are built and then reneged on their obligations.

It is important the shops are always in use and well stocked otherwise players will stop visiting them, this directly affects all merchants using the shop windows as no buyers means no sales.

Stephanie_W is currently leading the shop window system at spawn, she has and will continue to check that shops are being stocked with items, shops which aren’t will lose their shop windows. Only yesterday seven shops were removed because they weren’t being maintained by their owners so take this as a warning, use it or lose it!