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Backpacks are .. back!

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Minecraft

backpackThis is a feature that you all really enjoyed when I first introduced it last year but due to the plugin developer abandoning the plugin and it having lots of bugs I had to remove it.

I have now found an alternative backpack plugin which is well supported and functions correctly so I have brought the feature back!

All donator’s receive the backpack for free and if you paid previously for the backpack then you do not need to purchase it again, your previous purchase carries over to the new plugin automatically.

If you aren’t a donator or you didn’t already purchase a backpack last time then you can hop on over to our shop at and buy it for R5,000.

This is of course included in our rank discounts so although it says R5,000 you may actually pay up to 25% less depending on your current rank.