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Changes to our website layouts

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Minecraft

As happens every few months I go about and do some code cleaning on our web applications. They are quite large and you’ll probably have noticed some inconsistencies where for example the Cards feature was nested under our Shop tab. Totally illogical to have it there and I did it because I didn’t fully understand how the Cookie system worked with regards to subdomains.

Well I gained a full understanding of the browser cookie system last year when I implemented our “Unified Login” system and so I am now going back and cleaning up the problems that were there before when I had everything under our shop sub domain.

Much simpler, easier to remember, less confusing. I’ve also updated the navigational menu above our site pages so you can quickly access anything from any page instead of needing to go to the shop page first. This fully completes our site transition to the new Unified Login system which means just one single login stays with you across all of our web applications.

This is just a simple little change on the surface but behind the scenes it actually took a lot of time. As is usual with things of this nature it’s laying a foundation for future web applications to sit upon and I am looking forward to writing more great features in the future.