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Voting; does it help?

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Minecraft

In short, yes. Voting helps the server immensely. Each vote you cast increases our exposure on the three vote sites we are currently listed on.

The amount of players online, our uptime and the votes you cast all combine to give us a popularity score. We are then put into place with other servers and a big game of musical chairs begins. The more votes casted for us the higher we move in the rankings.

I’m proud to say that we rank highly. Out of thousands of servers we are in the top 2% on all three of our selected vote sites.

Your votes cast from bring us several new players every day. You may think that this server is mine but that isn’t really so. I may own the physical hardware but you  are the ones creating the community that plays and that is where the value is.

So thank you for voting and making your favorite gaming destination practical and healthy!