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Shop discount levels for our ranks!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Minecraft

This is a feature I’ve wanted to add for some time now and I was intending to include it in our major shop rewrite coming later this year but I decided instead to add it today as I thought of a quick way to implement it and hey it’s a great feature I wanted you to have immediately.

So depending on your rank you will receive a discount on our shop ranging from 5% to 25%. The discount is applied after you make a purchase so the prices displayed on the shop page are pre-discount prices. Here is the breakdown of the ranks and their discounts:

  • Member: 0% (No Discount)
  • Apprentice:  5%
  • Architect, Engineer, Artist, Director: 10%
  • City Planner: 15%
  • Epic Crafter: 20%
  • Legendary Crafter, Staff: 25%

I’m sure you’ll all make great use of these discounts. I know the increase in price on some of our items like repairs has stung a bit and hopefully these discounts will help you to squeeze every Rennie!