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New Eastereggs!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Minecraft

The first two Easter eggs birthed out of our year-long Easter egg design contest have been integrated in to our spawn and there quite nice!

The first by Stephanie_W called “Easter Island” is a really cute and literal take of the Easteregg charm people experience around the easter holiday. Will you be able to find the rabbits Eggs in this whimsical labyrinth? – You’ll find the rabbit hole entrance around the base of a cherry blossom tree at spawn 🙂

The second by Skeletonrooster called “The Prisoner” is all about the mind and your perception of reality. Your memories and spacial awareness will be probed in this mental triathlon. You’ll find the entrance hidden to the left of spawn on a higher elevation to the Panda King in an abandoned building.

Both of these Easter eggs feature a unique card which you’ll receive upon first completion. All later attempts will yield the normal chances for cards like our other Easter eggs. I hope you have a blast playing these and remember the contest that brought these to you is still ongoing and you can still enter!

Visit the topic on our forum for the full contest details 🙂