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Shop discount levels for our ranks!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 |

This is a feature I’ve wanted to add for some time now and I was intending to include it in our major shop rewrite coming later this year but I decided instead to add it today as I thought of a quick way to implement it and hey it’s a great feature I wanted you to have immediately.

So depending on your rank you will receive a discount on our shop ranging from 5% to 25%. The discount is applied after you make a purchase so the prices displayed on the shop page are pre-discount prices. Here is the breakdown of the ranks and their discounts:

  • Member: 0% (No Discount)
  • Apprentice:  5%
  • Architect, Engineer, Artist, Director: 10%
  • City Planner: 15%
  • Epic Crafter: 20%
  • Legendary Crafter, Staff: 25%

I’m sure you’ll all make great use of these discounts. I know the increase in price on some of our items like repairs has stung a bit and hopefully these discounts will help you to squeeze every Rennie!


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3 Hour Internet Outage Today

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 |


Yes we had an internet outage today lasting 3 hours from around 12:00am until 3:10am UK time. This was due to our internet service provider doing maintenance on their infrastructure. I was not aware the maintenance was going to occur until the internet was abruptly turned off.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Hopefully you will forgive us as we did get some needed software updates done during the downtime which means we can cancel a scheduled downtime period we had set for early march.

Thanks for your understanding and happy crafting!

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New Super High-Resolution Map!

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 |

I’m really stoked to tell you about our new online map at I’m sure you’ve all seen the old one so what’s new? Well the new map has two new features. The first is Super High-Resolution imagery. Seriously it looks amazing. So detailed you can now not only infer what blocks are but literally see them 1-1 pixel perfect. This means each block on the map now uses 16 pixels to render it. Just like in-game. The results are simply stunning as you’ll see below.

The second feature is a heat shader on top of the map which you can turn on. So now instead of just having a bird’s eye view or a cave view you can now view where players have been active on the map. The higher the player activity in an area the closer to red that area will appear on this map.

So lets just compare how our map looked yesterday and how it looks today with the new Super High-Resolution.

Quite a difference hey? The top image has not been modified in any way. That is literally how the map looked when zoomed in that close, I took both screenshots before and after the map conversion. The new Super High-Resolution map is so detailed you can even see the vertical tops of signs on the side of bricks! – Incredible.

Both the new Super High-Resolution map and the Heatmap are currently rendering and have been for the past 18 hours. We are about 35% done. Doing quality this high on a map the size we do takes considerable CPU resources and storage but we have both of those in large measure thanks to our foresight in owning our server hardware instead of renting. I hope all our maps will be rendered by Saturday.

And if anyone was wondering, just the new Super High-Resolution map will take up about 360GB of storage once complete! – Crazy!

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New Eastereggs!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 |

The first two Easter eggs birthed out of our year-long Easter egg design contest have been integrated in to our spawn and there quite nice!

The first by Stephanie_W called “Easter Island” is a really cute and literal take of the Easteregg charm people experience around the easter holiday. Will you be able to find the rabbits Eggs in this whimsical labyrinth? – You’ll find the rabbit hole entrance around the base of a cherry blossom tree at spawn 🙂

The second by Skeletonrooster called “The Prisoner” is all about the mind and your perception of reality. Your memories and spacial awareness will be probed in this mental triathlon. You’ll find the entrance hidden to the left of spawn on a higher elevation to the Panda King in an abandoned building.

Both of these Easter eggs feature a unique card which you’ll receive upon first completion. All later attempts will yield the normal chances for cards like our other Easter eggs. I hope you have a blast playing these and remember the contest that brought these to you is still ongoing and you can still enter!

Visit the topic on our forum for the full contest details 🙂

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RENBOX is Shutting Down

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 |

I know that you all love RENBOX and it is still incredibly popular but we have decided to shut the service down on the 7th of February.

To explain why we’re doing this I need to give you some context on my part of the decision. When I joined the Renegades community in 2007 I lived on my own without consequence. Similarly when I first created RENBOX in 2009 (back when it was just a basic repository of files) I didn’t think nor care about the full ramifications of the service.

Things have since changed. I got married and had two kids. My priorities are now different and it is important to me that I protect my family. Running this service is a legal liability that I simply don’t want to risk taking anymore.

I’ve wrestled with this decision for many months often choosing to keep the service operational but I’ve now decided it’s time to close it down for good. The others involved in running the service feel the same way.

I know that some of you have altered your habits to rely solely on RENBOX and I’m very sorry to have to close the service and inconvenience you.

But there are some alternatives you can use. If you live in America you can stream a lot of TV Shows online for free from Hulu and if you feel like paying you can pick up a Netflix, or an Amazon Instant subscription which grants you access to Movies and TV Shows. In the case of Netflix it is also available in the United Kingdom.

I’m sure you have some questions about this decision and you are free to ask those in our main chat room on WinMX. Our chat room is not going away it will continue to run as normal as will our website, so to be clear the only service being turned off is RENBOX.

Thank you for understanding.

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