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New Eastereggs, Sub-forums & Steam group!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Minecraft

Today we have enabled the second of two new Eastereggs, the first dubbed “The Ore Chambers” is a scripted story driven adventure where you’ll see impossible things that break the very laws of Minecraft. Mirrored floors, zero space, flying ladders and holographic mineshafts await you.

The second Easteregg tests your brain power as you navigate through three different dimensions. This multi-verse mind altering obstacle course will hopefully show you something completely different. This is one of our most technically difficult Eastereggs to produce, with more than 300 lines of code written to create it.

Both of these new Eastereggs will present you with a unique card upon your first completion. They are legendary class cards as are these Eastereggs in scale and difficulty. Of course you can complete them as many times as you wish and you’ll receive normal cards on all subsequent attempts.

In other news we have added two new sub-forums to our website. One for Server Events and one for general non-Minecraft related gaming discussion. We are hoping to hold many more events over the coming months and the new Events Sub-forum will be the best place to keep them all bubbling to the surface. We are also looking to expand our gaming community beyond Minecraft and there is no better way to do that than to create a dedicated section of our forum for you to discuss the other games you play, swap gamer tags and start playing other games together.

To assist in this endeavour we have set up a new Steam group which you can reach here: once you join you’ll be able to see the other games members of our community are playing and join them in those games. Don’t forget to post in our forums if you’re looking for people to play games with!

Thanks and happy Minecrafting!