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Changes to our Minecraft web apps

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Minecraft

I am starting to update our websites again adding in some features people have requested and securing some of our pages with our newer login system. It’s a big post so read more if you’re interested in all the geeky details!

You’ll now find on our Vote page you can login and it will display how many votes you have right at the top next to your name. This is for all the people who are just below the top 200 voters but want to see how their progressing. This doesn’t update in real-time (neither does the Rennies on the vote page) but it’s just something I’ve done quick to test some login code.

I’ve also added a login requirement to our gallery for posting new images. So if you want to add some pictures of your builds to our gallery you’ll need to make sure you’re logged in to do so. I will be adding login requirements to where it makes sense and I hope to be able to unify the look and feel of all our services this year, I know it sort of feels disjointed and messy and that was due to me not really knowing where I was heading with some of these ideas until they happened but now that I know what I’m doing and where we are heading I can better integrate all our pages with a more unified appearance.

I can now confirm that I will be adding in the future, that’s the user control panel. And I will be adding schematic previews, a proper portal for uploading and downloading schematics, a skin portal for changing and saving your skins. All this stuff is coming I will be writing it this year. I will also be rewriting our shop adding in requested features like quantity selections. I’ve got some great ideas of how to do it while making the page easy to use and beautiful.

Finally the auctions, this year we will be bringing auctions in-game with commands for browsing, searching, bidding and buying. The online site will also see some changes with duplicate items at identical prices grouped together in stacks to cut down on clutter. I’ll also be changing the user interface for adding items so that it’s easier to do and not such a chore.

During the course of these changes today I have made our Unified Login system (The one that works on Shops, Referrals, Cards etc) fully applicable across our entire domain (* this means that if you login now on any of our things that login will used for all future things I make without requiring you to login again. Even our ACP will be using the Unified Login probably by next month as it’s even more secure than the method we use currently.

Now this change does require you to login this one time due to the changes I made but once you do that you shouldn’t need to login again unless I make a new security change in future.

Thank you for reading I’m very excited to be working on our stuff again, I feel like the card system I wrote last year was a smash hit with over 1,000 cards already obtained by players. That really gave me the motivation to keep pushing through large custom features and I’m really looking forward to implementing the user control panel, jobs and other goodies this year.

Thanks :)

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