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2013 Retrospective: Minecraft

Posted by on Dec 25, 2013 |

This year has been a blast. By far our servers most popular and best year. We added so many new things for our players to enjoy we gained so many new players and grew our server in so many different ways.

So lets have a quick recap of what happened this year. We gained a new website (this one!) with a brand new modern look. We put Minecraft first in our redesign and it paid off in a big way.

We added voting for our users to vastly expand our servers presence which greatly increased the volume of players we received this year. We added a build gallery for our players to share pictures of their creations. We upgraded our server hardware to the latest and greatest from Intel putting us back on top with the best servers.

We launched a brand new spawn for our Survival server dubbed Mount Aino with mini-games and hidden eastereggs all over it. It is our greatest spawn ever and players love it. To compliment our new spawn we launched a web based shop for buying items and abilities then we backed that up with player auctions allowing you to list, bid and buy items from each other.

We added a Referral system so players can finally earn rewards for telling their friends about us. We added a fully fleshed out collectable card system tied to our spawns mini-games and easter eggs.

We held many build contests with fantastic steam game prizes, rickies and cards.

We began to make our own custom plugins which have made many of our 2013 innovations possible and will carry us through to 2014 with unique features just for us.

It has been a whirlwind year and I have never been more excited to write a year ending retrospective as I am this one. Every facet of our server has seen improvement this year and the new services we have added show our commitment to our server. These investments are the kind that set us apart from everybody else and secure our servers future.

I am extremely proud of everyone who helped to make Renegades great this year from the programmers including myself and Adrian to the staff who have done tireless unpaid work for our players to the players themselves who create amazing things and are the true face of our community to all the new visitors we receive.

With a foundation this strong I know next year is going to be an amazing one. We are already gearing up for our next major upgrade: BungeeCord. This is a revitalisation of our Minecraft setup. Changing the way you connect and interact across our individual servers. In-fact it turns the entire idea of multiple servers on its head and makes you wonder “Where am I?”. This is the next generation of our Minecraft setup and it’s coming with 1.7.4 which we hope to be running soon.

2014 looks extremely bright and I cannot wait to be delighting you all in the new year with what we have planned.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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2013 Retrospective: WinMX

Posted by on Dec 25, 2013 |

A lot has happened this year for the Renegades community, so much in-fact that I feel the need to break up my retrospective in to two parts. This is the one for our WinMX community, there will be another retrospective posted above for Minecraft.

What a year it has been. This time last year we launched our brand new RENBOX website. And it has been well received. It is by far the most popular feature we have ever implemented. Period. I’m especially proud to have had even the slightest bit of involvement with such an innovative and free service for our users.

When it was launched last year I don’t think any of us knew just quite how popular it would become. Not a single day goes by where we aren’t thanked for making RENBOX and its usage statistics are staggering even to us. It is a wonderful tool that people love.


I’d like to recognise all the people that made it possible, first of all Josh who wrote the RENBOX website that everyone uses, it was not only him who did the work but it was he who came up with the idea in the first place to have a central website for RENBOX. He also wrote a substantial amount of the back end logic required to make RENBOX work.

I’d like to thank hollow who coded the file download system and API that runs on our servers. That’s the part that allows you to get the files you’ve requested. I’d also like to thank him for setting up each of our RENBOX servers.

I’d like to thank Adrian who helped Josh with some of the Javascript throughout the year to make RENBOX more responsive and easier to maintain in the future and also for supplying legitimate software keys needed for our servers.

I’d also like to thank all the staff at Renegades who tirelessly help users to use RENBOX, explaining how it works, setting up peoples user accounts and making sure people are aware of its existence. They are the champions of our work without which RENBOX would never be as loved as it is.

RENBOX has definitely dominated our year and it really is a monumental project. It’s the first time we’ve worked on something with so many programmers directly involved.

Looking beyond RENBOX there has been some developments in the WinMX community. WinMXWorld released their ‘OurMX’ WinMX replacement client. It’s early days yet and does have some pretty large bugs but it’s a good start and it shows hope for the future. Sean is also working on a client currently dubbed ‘Mato’ which is currently in closed testing and looks very promising.

Sadly the attacks on WinMX continue with no end in sight but it hasn’t affected our room and this year we’ve had some amazing uptime and the room keeps going from strength to strength. Every day now there are always more than 120 real users in the room and the atmosphere is warm and jovial. We continue to help the larger WinMX community with our software and services including our Proxy Blocker software and Joshes channel list website and many other tools.

Next year I hope the attacks will end and the new replacement clients will be finished or close to being finished. Until then we will soldier on doing what we do and helping others when we are able. From all of us at Renegades we hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy new year.

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