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Server Highlights Edition #3

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 |

Goodbye Backpacks

On the 10/11/2013. The beloved Backpack Mod that was installed onto the server was removed. This was due to many bugs appearing such as items in the backpack were being duplicated and the mod developer decided to stop updating it.

Topic Thread – Goodbye Backpacks

Player Spotlight

Freakboy31 has started a Player Spotlight section, every week or so he interviews a player on the server. Those players are selected through their good deeds and builds that are on the server.

Topic Thread – Player Spotlight

Bounty Hunters

SapphireShark opened up a new business around town. The Bounty Hunters Guild. Here players can put a price on a players head, and any soul daring enough to venture out of their safe town to slaughter these players will be rewarded well….

Topic Thread – Bounty Hunters


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