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Server Highlights Edition #2

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Minecraft

New Baby Lilly
Massive congratulations for Pri/VodkaDK. On Friday the 18th of October Pri’s new baby Lilly was born in the early hours of 2:21 am. With an original due date of November 1st she was born just under 2 weeks early. All of us wish you and your family well and we wish you luck well into the future!

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New Administrator Adrian

Congratulations to Adrian the servers newest Administrator, Adrian has been around for a long time supporting the server from the start to where we are now. He has contributed in so many ways to the server, for example helping code the Easter Eggs and other plugins that helped form the server. It is clear he is dedicated to the server and will do a brilliant job in his new staff position of Administrator. Congratulations and we all wish you good luck!

Along side Adrian, Db696 has recently rejoined us as an Admin after a brief period of other commitments outside of the server. Welcome back Db696.

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