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Reimagining PVP

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Minecraft


PVP (Player vs. Player) combat can be a lot of fun in Minecraft but for it to be fun there needs to be a well defined set of rules that are enforced automatically by the server. I must admit that for the past year we have allowed PVP to languish due to a lack of interest by at times players and almost always by staff. Our server is and always has been designed around building first with PVP tacked on as a last minute addition.

But with an influx of new PVP players I’ve decided to change things up and reimagine PVP for our server.

For PVP to be fun it needs two main qualities, risk and reward. The danger that your adversary could kill you and the chance you could kill them and take some of their loot. Until today killing another player did not mean much, there wasn’t much risk, if you died you re-spawned and went about your business and there wasn’t much reward for the winner of a battle, you didn’t drop items for them to collect. The only exception to this was an exploit that a few members of our community took advantage of and to which staff (including myself) turned a blind eye.

With the new system the risk is that you could lose 10% of your currently held items and all your Experience (XP Orbs)  to the other player. And that is also the reward, you could potentially kill your adversary and collect 10% of their items. This also nullifies the exploit players were using previously to steal all items from slain players.

I really feel this is a fair and balanced system. Not too overpowered that new players or PVP-adverse players will feel hard-done-by when they are killed but not so underpowered that PVP becomes a useless pursuit for those who enjoy it.

If you would like to be involved in the discussion about these changes please visit our dedicated thread