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Minecraft v1.7.2 Released

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 |

Today Mojang released to the public v1.7.2 of Minecraft. You can read the extensive changelog here.

I am making this post to explain our position with this update and what is going to happen. So lets get right in to it.

When will we be updating to v1.7.2? I do not know, but I can tell you it will probably be several weeks away.

Why aren’t we updating now? – This is a very major update that changes a lot of things. The way that worlds are saved, the entire games networking code, the way Items are stored (Item ID’s are now gone for example). It introduces numerous new blocks and many colour variations of old blocks, lots of new biomes including variations of old biomes.

What I’m trying to say here is essentially the game has changed in such a huge amount in a single update that it is going to take a very long time for everyone to adjust. The server maintainers, the plugin authors and even our own stuff (like our Shop, Auctions and Cards) all need to be updated for this new version of the game. We are talking such extreme changes that even Minechat that I know many of you use will not work in this version of the game for some time.

Now I know obviously this is annoying for you guys you want to play the new stuff immediately and I really would love to update us immediately but it just isn’t feasible. I’m being realistic when I say it could be three weeks until we update and it may even be an entire month.

So please be patient and don’t keep asking “When is the server updating!” as it is very annoying and rude, we will update at the earliest convenient opportunity at our discretion.

Remember the current Minecraft Launcher allows you to specify which version of the game to use, we are currently using v1.6.4 which is what you should use until the server updates.

Reply to this news in our dedicated thread on our forums.

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Server Highlights Edition #2

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 |

New Baby Lilly
Massive congratulations for Pri/VodkaDK. On Friday the 18th of October Pri’s new baby Lilly was born in the early hours of 2:21 am. With an original due date of November 1st she was born just under 2 weeks early. All of us wish you and your family well and we wish you luck well into the future!

Topic Thread – New Baby Lilly

New Administrator Adrian

Congratulations to Adrian the servers newest Administrator, Adrian has been around for a long time supporting the server from the start to where we are now. He has contributed in so many ways to the server, for example helping code the Easter Eggs and other plugins that helped form the server. It is clear he is dedicated to the server and will do a brilliant job in his new staff position of Administrator. Congratulations and we all wish you good luck!

Along side Adrian, Db696 has recently rejoined us as an Admin after a brief period of other commitments outside of the server. Welcome back Db696.

Topic Thread – Administrator Adrian Thread


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Reimagining PVP

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 |


PVP (Player vs. Player) combat can be a lot of fun in Minecraft but for it to be fun there needs to be a well defined set of rules that are enforced automatically by the server. I must admit that for the past year we have allowed PVP to languish due to a lack of interest by at times players and almost always by staff. Our server is and always has been designed around building first with PVP tacked on as a last minute addition.

But with an influx of new PVP players I’ve decided to change things up and reimagine PVP for our server.

For PVP to be fun it needs two main qualities, risk and reward. The danger that your adversary could kill you and the chance you could kill them and take some of their loot. Until today killing another player did not mean much, there wasn’t much risk, if you died you re-spawned and went about your business and there wasn’t much reward for the winner of a battle, you didn’t drop items for them to collect. The only exception to this was an exploit that a few members of our community took advantage of and to which staff (including myself) turned a blind eye.

With the new system the risk is that you could lose 10% of your currently held items and all your Experience (XP Orbs)  to the other player. And that is also the reward, you could potentially kill your adversary and collect 10% of their items. This also nullifies the exploit players were using previously to steal all items from slain players.

I really feel this is a fair and balanced system. Not too overpowered that new players or PVP-adverse players will feel hard-done-by when they are killed but not so underpowered that PVP becomes a useless pursuit for those who enjoy it.

If you would like to be involved in the discussion about these changes please visit our dedicated thread

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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 |

Last month just before our 3 year anniversary we launched one of our biggest features ever; Cards. So I wanted to take this opportunity just to explain in more depth what cards are, why we made them and what our future goals for this feature are.

Above is an image showing three cards from my personal card deck. There are currently 66 cards available in the system with more being added every few days. It is my intention to add more cards in to the system indefinitely and extend the kinds of cards you can receive beyond just short lived abilities and items.

Today the kinds of cards you can find include Staff Heads, Items, Personalised Armor Sets, Mob Disguises, Time Controls, Abilities such as Flying and Healing, Repair cards and even Mob Spawners. There are also special cards, ones for Donors, Server Events and special occasions like Birthdays and Christmas. And of course the artwork for all our cards is just stunningly beautiful, don’t you just want to lick the screen?!

This feature was born out of the idea that our eastereggs around spawn were too easy to exploit. So I thought long and hard about a better reward system something that wouldn’t be easy to exploit but would also be a lot more fun, engaging and long lasting. The cooldown period on cards safeguards the system against exploitation and it also gives players ownership over their rewards so they needn’t re-run eastereggs after gaining a card they need or want.

The software we’ve designed to bring this feature to our players has also enabled a new chapter in the life of our server. We are now able to write very detailed scripted events which do not require players to enter commands in to the chat. Simply being somewhere, activating something or completing a scripted task can execute a whole string of further events. This means we can make engaging stories, adventures and more in-depth eastereggs.

One such easteregg is the new Panda King easteregg located at Spawn. If you fail in this easteregg, falling to your doom in a pit, you will be saved at the last moment by the generous Panda King and teleported back to the start. But complete the Panda King easteregg and you will receive customised panda armor with your name scribed in the lore section of your armor information. We cannot wait to build more interactive story driven adventures like this with an even larger scope to delight our players.

I really feel that the card system is the best thing we’ve ever made and the user engagement has been nothing short of incredible. Even I’m surprised by how many players have completed our eastereggs and how many cards have been discovered, as of this post 135 users have uncovered at-least one card each and in total 1,259 cards have been found. Truly these are massive numbers for a feature that is so new, clearly we are on to something big here. I’d like to express my gratitude to Adrian one of our Moderators for coding the server-side plugins necessary to make this enormous feature a reality.

One last thing I’d like to mention is I have created a little spawn map to show you where all the eastereggs at spawn are located. They are denoted by the orange blips. Have fun playing them all, each easteregg has a different chance to award you a card based on how difficult or time consuming that easteregg is to complete and make sure you do the new Panda King easteregg to get your personally forged Panda armor set!

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