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3rd Year Birthday!

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 |


Today marks the 3rd year that our Minecraft community has been going and although RenMX itself has been going for 7 years this is still a big occasion. We are one of the longest running Minecraft communities in existence which is quite a feat. Over the years I’ve personally seen a lot of changes in both the game and our community and I feel like right now we’ve never had a better environment for our players.

I’d like to give a little retrospective but before I do that as it is our birthday you can visit our new cards page ( and you’ll find a new rare card in your card deck for our 3rd birthday. Every player that visits their card deck today will automatically receive the card so make sure you check that out.

Now I’d like to just go over some of the stuff we introduced this year, in May we launched a brand new Spawn on our Survival Server which is our lead server. This was a great community project but it was also us saying good bye to the old Survival spawn and starting fresh. We had used the old spawn in both Survival & Tekkit the latter of which we removed in December 2012 and the spawn just began to feel dated, we felt we could do something that was both more functional and beautiful. I think we succeeded and exceeded those goals with Mount Aino our 2013 Survival spawn.

On the same day that we launched the new Spawn we also launched our first Web Application for our users the Webshop ( this has been one of the most popular things we have ever added to our community and it makes it even more special that we designed it ourselves instead of using someone else’s Plugin. I knew after seeing the blow out success that the Web Shop was that this was the way forward for our community this year, lots of internal investment would give us the perfect niche.

The Webshop was soon followed up by Auctions ( which allow users to list, bid and buy items from each other in a secure way without both sides of a transaction needing to be online at the same time. We also launched a robust referral system ( which allows users to refer their friends and receive Ricky based monetary rewards. Then just a few days ago we launched the Cards system to which the response has just been amazing, the level of excitement around this feature far exceeds my own expectations and it is a foundation we will be building on for a long time.

Our web presence has never been stronger and at the beginning of this year we redesigned our whole website moving WinMX to the sidelines and putting Minecraft forefront. This was a great decision which has benefited us by providing a professional look and feel which accurately portrays our community. It has also made it much easier for our players to find the services they are looking for.

This year has been our most active yet. We now average 1,400 unique player logins per month which is just astounding to me. We have also hit many records this year with regards to simultaneously logged in users. The hard work that everyone has put in, from the players who live in and make up our community to the staff who help manage the community to the programmers and builders who design and maintain our areas in-game and out have all helped to make this year a success.

And so I’d like to thank everybody who has been apart of our servers journey so far and I look forward to another three years.


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