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Money, Money, Money.

Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in Minecraft

Gold Block

There be gold in them hills!

Yes we all want some Rickies, our servers virtual currency. But the question everyone has is how do I get em? No wait, how do I get a lot of em?

Well if you’ve played on other servers you’ve probably encountered a Real Money Exchange system. This is where you simply buy Virtual Currency with Real World Currency. Like United States Dollars or British Pounds Sterling. And yes while we do offer this facility it isn’t the only way to make Rickies. In-fact we don’t even advertise the fact you can purchase Rickies using real money, we only advertise the other ways, the ways that don’t cost you anything.

So what are these other ways? Well the easiest way is to simply stay logged on. For every minute you remain on our Survival server you earn one ricky. So in an hour  you earn 60 Rickies. Quite straightforward. Whenever you log off from the server the Rickies for the amount of time you were online are deposited automatically into your in-game wallet.

The second way to earn Rickies is by inviting your friends. Hop along to enter in all your friends Minecraft usernames and when they login to the server you and your friend both earn 1,000 Rickies. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can invite and you’ll earn the 1,000 Rickies for every single friend.

The third way to earn Rickies is by voting. On the page you can vote for our server on four different voting websites. Each vote you perform earns you 100 Rickies and you can vote at each site once a day. So using this method you have a reliable way to make 400 Rickies every day and it only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to complete all four votes. This has an added bonus as once you reach 100 Votes total you will automatically become a server donor unlocking the exact same perks (past, present and future perks!) of a paid donator (someone who has purchased the donor rank with real money). This means you don’t need to spend a single penny and you can unlock every perk we offer.

The forth way to earn Rickies is to sell items to other players. You can do this three ways, you can simply give items to another player and then tell them to type /pay <yourname> <amount> which is a very basic way to sell things in-game. You can also setup a shop in-game which automatically buys and sells items you specify using a chest and a sign. And finally you can list things for sale or auction at as of this post there are 435 items listed either for direct purchase or bidding making it a viable place to list items.

And so those are the four ways you can make money on our server without spending a dime. Some of these are incredibly lucrative especially referring your friends. Over 250,000 Rickies have been paid out through the referral system alone by the server.

For an even more detailed guide on how to make money which eloberates on the information above click on over to our forum thread on the subject here:

And don’t forget once you make your rickies to check out the servers admin shop at where you can buy all manner of items, abilities and ranks.