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Servers back online

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in Minecraft, WinMX

As you may be able to tell the servers and all our services are back online. So lets just go through what happened.

On August 9th at 4PM UK time the Internet to the server went off. It stayed off for the next 50 hours through August 10th and into mid-day August 11th.

The fault was being worked on all day August 10th & August 11th and it appears that as of this moment service has been restored.

I am deeply sorry for this interruption. This is the biggest internet outage our Minecraft server has suffered in the past three years. And the second largest disruption we have ever experienced (even the February 2013 hardware issues only lasted 36 hours).

Unfortunately there really is no planning for this sort of thing, internet goes out and all I had for internet access was my Phone. I was on IRC Chat and I updated the forums with a few notices but beyond that we just had to wait for the line to be repaired. This was a big outage that affected thousands of customers, not just us. Rest assured I was calling the ISP frequently to push them to solve the problem, in the past two days I’d called them probably 6 times.

But like all negative events in our servers history there are positive learning experiences to be had. Users were unable to access our webpage as it was hosted on the server affected by the outage instead of the American server that hosts our forums. I will be rectifying this tomorrow by moving the IRC Page to the American server so it will always be accessible to you when you need it.

I’m also going to be adding a new compensation system for our Minecraft players so that for each day our server is offline you will receive R1,000 Rickies. That begins with this outage and everyone has already been credited R3,000. You will find an in-game mail explaining that you have received the rickies and the reason for them.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and hopefully we can get back to gaming with stable service from here on out.