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Auction System

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Minecraft

Today I am ecstatic to be able to tell you about our newest feature for our Minecraft community. Auctioning. When I created the Admin Shop one of the things we kept being asked was, how can I sell my stuff to the shop? We never allowed you to do this because we wanted players to trade amongst themselves and keep the things you create in the game. But we kept your request in our minds and considered other ways to make it easier for you to trade. Then I had this idea, what if I made an auction system so you could buy and bid on each others wares?

Auction System Screenshot

And so five days ago I set out to make this auction system and today we are launching it. On the shop page you will find a new tab marked Auctions and from there you can list your items for sale, auction or both! – We have already added over 400 separate items in to the database and we are going to be adding every item the game has but if there is something you want to list which we don’t have in there yet please contact us.

This is a tentative launch and there may be bugs so please report any you find, you will be rewarded for reporting problems with the auction system and the more serious the issue the more rickies you will receive.

I’m really excited about this new feature I think it is a serious game changer. The online Admin Shop and Referral system were good but this is insanely great and I think it provides a foundation to work from which will benefit the server for years to come. It is so unique none of us have ever seen anything like this on other servers and it is this kind of unique value we hope to keep bringing all of you over the rest of this year. We already have more features in the pipeline which you will be hearing about over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for reading!