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Referral System

Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 |

This is a feature we have been talking about implementing since 2012. Well the day is finally here as the referral system was finally implemented. I got down and began writing it yesterday and I finished it this afternoon.

It works very simply and smoothly you just visit the page input the username of your Minecraft friend and hit submit. Once your friend logs in to the server you are both credited 1,000 Rickies within 5 minutes. It’s just that simple nothing extra needs to be done.

On the page itself you will be able to view your pending referrals and your processed ones so you can see quickly which of your friends has logged in to the server while you were away. The page is very slick, updating everything in real-time without page refreshing similar to how the Shop functions and to make things even easier it even shares the same Shop login credentials and cookies which means you don’t need to login again. One login works on both the Shop and the Referral page.

So check it out and get inviting!

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Shop updates

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 |

Last month alongside our new spawn we launched the ricky based web shop and it has been immensely popular. Over the past 30 days we have already handled over 10,000 transactions through the web shop which is simply an insanely high amount of purchases for something so new.

Needless to say this has become another leg of the chair for us, an area of intense investment. So I’m happy to announce the following updates that have occurred since the shops launch.

1. More items. You said you wanted more items and we listened. We now offer farming supplies, mob spawning and even enchanted armour sets. We will be adding more and more items as time goes on.

2. Gifting. You asked to be able to send gifts to other players and we have provided that feature in a secure way where by you get to decide which types of gifts you can and cannot be sent from other players.

3. Real-time balance. You requested the ability for your ricky balance to automatically update on the page, we have added that.

4. Collapsible ¬†shop sections. As the shop has grown to support more items it can make it difficult to quickly get to the stuff you most access. So you asked us to provide a way to hide sections of the shop you’re not using, we have now added that functionality, simply clicking on a section name will collapse it and clicking it again will open it back up. We save this server-side so your collapse settings (and gift settings too) are shared among all your logged in computers.

5. Purchase log. You wanted a way to view the items that have been purchased on your account and we have added that too, it even updates in real-time as you make purchases without needing to refresh the web page. We will also be adding a list of the gifts you have received from other users in this log at a later date.

6. General usability enhancements. You requested that items can only be sent to players if they are actually logged in to the game, you also requested a way to quickly clear the gift box and to remind you to remove gift recipients after you’re done sending gifts. We have added those features too.

7. Tighter Security. We now authenticate the real-time ricky display and purchase log meaning no one can view how many rickies you have or what items you have purchased except for yourself. We are also now using session tokens which are validated against form submissions to protect you against Cross-site request forgery.

And so those are the 7 new changes in the shop, we hope you really love it and as always we listen and react to your feedback. This shop is driven by your input as illustrated above with 6 out of the 7 changes being prompted by direct player requests. If you would like to give feedback for the shop you can do so in this dedicated thread.

Thanks for reading.

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