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New spawn is in and more!

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Minecraft

Yesterday on the 14th of May in the early hours of the morning our new Japanese style spawn dubbed Mount Aino went live. It is the result of almost two months of work by many volunteers.

To access our new spawn simply connect your Minecraft game client to we do not operate a whitelist, the server is public and everybody is welcome.

At Mount Aino you will find lots of activities hidden all over the area so feel free to explore, each activity you complete will be met with a reward from Coal, Iron and Lapis Ore to Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ore.

As part of the spawn revamp we have also changed the travel system from our previous transport ships to hot air balloons. Each balloon features a design reflective of the biome it is traveling to making it easy to identify at a glance which balloon you should use.

We have also added some warps to the spawn accessible to all players because we have disabled the ability to fly in the spawn. The reason for disabling fly is two fold, first it keeps the grandeur of the spawn and makes sure you see everything in the way we intended (from ground level) and two it maintains the integrity of the activities at spawn so nobody can cheat.

Here is a list of the warps: /warp shop /warp contest /warp travel and /warp newbies – That last warp will teleport you inside the spawns starter area for new users, a great way to experience the new spawn for the very first time from a new players perspective.

One last thing I wanted to mention about the spawn is the contest area, many of you have requested that our contest area had larger plots so you could build more intricate and detailed entries. We have listened to that feedback and in the new spawn you will find plots that are 40% larger than the ones in our previous spawn. And of course in the contest area flying is enabled for those who have already attained the flying permission (Donors, City Planners etc).

So that is the spawn but there is something new I wanted to talk about, when designing this new spawn we made a shop and we thought wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to always go to the shop at spawn when you wanted to purchase some blocks? Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase other things with our in-game currency than blocks, such as temporary flying, XP Boosts, Item Repairs?

Well we have done that and I am very proud to announce that yesterday our new web-shop went live. You can access it right now from here: we will be constantly updating the shop with new things to buy and we have some pretty interesting plans for this going forward. To read more about the shop, its security and our future plans for it please visit us in our dedicated shop topic.

Thanks for reading everyone and we hope you all enjoy Mount Aino and our new web shop.