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New survival spawn launching soon!

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in WinMX

We know that you’ve all been waiting patiently for our new spawn and I am happy to announce that on May 14th the new spawn will be going live on our survival server. This is the best spawn we have ever built with unrivalled attention to detail.

Here is a short list of some of the features you’ll find in the new spawn.

  • Day/Night Cycle Events
  • Story & Lore delivered through chat messages & signs as you explore
  • 15 Hidden Easter Eggs, Mazes & Obstacle courses with rewards
  • A very well designed Admin Shop with integrated Player operated shops
  • A New Biome transport system based around Hot Air Balloons
  • A much larger Contest Area with increased plot sizes
  • Warps for fast travel to spawn areas (/warp shop, /warp travel, /warp contest etc)

We are very excited about this new spawn and cannot wait to see people discover the many activities and features we have included. As noted above we are launching it on the 14th of May, on that date you may not be able to access the server for a short time period while we are setting things up but our aim is to have the new spawn open to the public by mid day or earlier on the 14th.

Thanks for reading and to post your thoughts, read a bit more about the Admin Shops or just discuss this post you can join us in our dedicated discussion thread