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Easter Build Off Contest Winners!

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Minecraft

Congratulations to the three winners. We had an amazing turn out for this contest with 21 entries. And I’d like to tell you about some changes based on your feedback to future contests but before that I’d like to thank IDED again for providing half of the prizes for this contest. The 12 steam games that we had made this the most exciting contest to date and we will be offering more steam games in all future contests including the one that begins in several days from now.

So changes, we have listened to your feedback and the biggest request we’ve heard is: Bigger Plots. Now our current spawn where the contests are held is limited in space. But we are building a new Spawn and we have made the plots much larger. The current plots are 16×17 the new plots are 21×21 which is a 62% increase in size.

We hope to have the new spawn completed within two months. But based on the way progress has gone so far we may beat our own deadline by several weeks.

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest it was a lot of fun and really difficult to pick the winners as everyone had such great entries. Our new contest begins on the 2nd of April so check back then to find out the prizes you will be winning and what the theme of the contest is.