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Minecraft v1.5

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Minecraft

Minecraft v1.5 brings many new redstone features such as the Redstone block shown above.

It’s that time again when another major update to Minecraft has been released. And quite an amazing update it is for those of us who enjoy messing with Redstone. I’m sure you are all excited to play as am I but as always we need to wait for our Mod writers and plugin authors to ready their wares.

So you’re probably thinking, damn I have to keep using 1.4.7? Well not exactly. We have installed a modification to our servers which enables them to accept 1.5 clients so you are free to update your game right now and continue to play on our servers, however the new features in 1.5 won’t work on our servers until we update to the official 1.5 server software. I hope this isn’t too confusing!

There are a few issues to resolve during this transition from 1.4.7 to 1.5 so please be patient we have a bug tracker thread here and you are encouraged to report all issues you come across in this thread that includes ones you see from today and through to after we update to an official 1.5 server version.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting.