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Easter Build Off Contest Winners!

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 |

Congratulations to the three winners. We had an amazing turn out for this contest with 21 entries. And I’d like to tell you about some changes based on your feedback to future contests but before that I’d like to thank IDED again for providing half of the prizes for this contest. The 12 steam games that we had made this the most exciting contest to date and we will be offering more steam games in all future contests including the one that begins in several days from now.

So changes, we have listened to your feedback and the biggest request we’ve heard is: Bigger Plots. Now our current spawn where the contests are held is limited in space. But we are building a new Spawn and we have made the plots much larger. The current plots are 16×17 the new plots are 21×21 which is a 62% increase in size.

We hope to have the new spawn completed within two months. But based on the way progress has gone so far we may beat our own deadline by several weeks.

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest it was a lot of fun and really difficult to pick the winners as everyone had such great entries. Our new contest begins on the 2nd of April so check back then to find out the prizes you will be winning and what the theme of the contest is.

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Why our website has been unstable

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 |

Over the past two days our websites ( & have been under a Distributed Denial of Service attack. This is an attack where a malicious user of our WinMX community (Not Minecraft) is attempting to make our online presence disappear by means of using up all our internet resources through repeated queries.

To put it simply he is using hundreds of exploited computers to load our webpages over and over again in an attempt to crash or limit the services that host our websites.

This is the reason some of you may have seen “Account Suspended” and “MySQL Connection Error” messages over the past 48 hours.

To be clear, this does not affect our Minecraft servers or our WinMX Chat Room or even RENBOX, the only services affected are (This page you’re reading) and our forums at

To try and tackle the problem we have turned to a DDoS mitigation service in hopes they can keep our site online regardless of the ongoing attack. It does appear to be working as we are still under attack as I write this message but our sites are not only online but very responsive.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Servers upgraded to Minecraft v1.5

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 |

As of this post all three of our servers are upgraded to Minecraft v1.5 with all the goodies intact. So get creative with the new redstone features or start your amazing automated hopper farm 🙂

One quick note however, VoxelSniper has not yet been updated for v1.5 so that doesn’t work on our Creative server. (Voxel Sniper now works!) If you find any issues on any of our servers please report those in this thread and they will be dealt with quickly.

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