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Watchlist Updates #2

Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 in WinMX

Yesterdays updates went really smoothly but I was still thinking about what to do next.

Well I didn’t have to think hard because there has always been three issues with the Watchlist that got on my nerves. The first of which was as you opened the page or refreshed your Watchlist you would be blinded by a white screen. This was because the background image simply takes a while to load in. So what I’ve done is corrected this and you will now see a neutral purple/blue colour which matches the background image.

The second thing I wanted to correct was the Yesterday / 5-Day overview. Inside the chat room you could select whether you wanted to see which of your shows aired yesterday or aired within the past 5 days. But the web based Watchlist ignored this setting and always showed you the past 5-day overview. My reasoning for this was that the Website had a lot more space and I thought users would prefer to see the past 5 days on it. But I realise now that doing it this way affected how the setting for this option was perceived. The settings panel that used to be inside the chat room is now available exclusively on the website and so the web based Watchlist should respect this setting for consistency sake, which it now does.

The last change I made may just be the most important for those of you who actually watch your shows on TV when they air. The addition of network names to the Watchlist. This is off by default but if you click on your settings you’ll find a 4th checkbox under the Watchlist section to enable network names. When you re-visit your Watchlist either in-room or on the website you’ll then see a discrete gray line at the far right of each entry displaying the network which will (or did) air that episode.

That is all the changes for today. I don’t as of right now have any new changes planned but if I do expect a new post about it!