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Watchlist Updates

Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in WinMX

Screenshot of the current Watchlist

Screenshot of the current Watchlist

Over the past two days I’ve been working on the web based Watchlist. Fixing a number of bugs and adding more sophisticated caching mechanisms among general performance and UI improvements.

The first biggest change is that the Watchlist can now cache TV information for up to 7 days instead of the previous 24 hours. This change means your Watchlist will be generally more responsive the first time you open it each day as it no longer needs to refresh information for every show in your Watchlist. In testing this has reduce 600+ Daily lookups to about 20-100 lookups greatly improving performance for everybody.

The second major change is the way the cache stores data. Previously it created many different redundant caches which wasted space and caused fragmentation in the database this too affected performance. The new Cache is more unified storing all information for each show in only one place.

I have also corrected the bug which could cause certain shows to not appear on your Watchlist due to the site we get TV data serving bad requests under high load. For Mobile I’ve corrected the errors when viewed on Android & iOS devices and I’ve also enabled certain features for IE10 as that browser fully supports the advanced CSS I’m using on the Watchlist page. IE versions below that however will not be able to add shows from the Watchlist page itself and I highly recommend those users switch to Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

I hope everyone enjoys the latest iteration of the Watchlist. It has become an invaluable resource for hundreds of  you and I’m still dedicated to keeping it up to date and reliable.