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Welcome to our brand new website

Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in Minecraft, WinMX

A revamp of the site has been discussed for the past few months between myself and Ricksterm and over the last few weeks I have been looking at all our different and new sites (RENBOX, Menubar etc) and decided that our main site didn’t quite fit those designs. So to bring it everything together after two years it was time to say goodbye to the old site and hello to the new one.

You may notice straight away that the main header background is a scene from our Minecraft server. This was chosen because I believe it is time our Minecraft servers had prime place on our website as it is where the gamers will come to seek us out. Our WinMX Community is already pretty well established and doesn’t need so much space dedicated to it on the home page.

So I hope you enjoy the new site and I also hope everyone had a great 2012. Our new year begins now.