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Watchlist updates

Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in WinMX

I’ve had a great day of coding today and I decided to update the Watchlist with some new features. One of the biggest requests I’ve had for the watchlist is a way to add and remove shows from the web page itself instead of needing to enter the chat room to do it. I’ve wanted to deliver this for a while but I wanted it to look great and to do that it would require time.

Well I finally got the chance to deliver on that feature request and the current watchlist accessible from now allows you to add and remove shows right on the webpage itself. When you visit the page you will see a new text entry form at the top right of the page. I think it looks quite slick and it took considerable effort to get it looking that nice. You can also refresh your watchlist from that hover menu.

To remove a show you simply click on the poster image for the TV Show you want to remove. Pretty simple right? – Whenever you add or remove shows to/from your Watchlist you will see a notification appear in the room at the same time. This is because I’m using the standard public API library to add and remove shows that any developer (including you!) can use. Simply request access to the API and I’d be happy to provide you with the information you need.

So that is todays update. Tomorrow I hope to add a new Watchlist Mini-Account creation tool on the webpage so that users who don’t have WinMX accounts can use the Watchlist WebUI too. I feel this is an important feature to take the Watchlist beyond WinMX. I feel it could be a great feature on its own two feet away from our Chat Room and I’d love to have a larger audience enjoy it as much as we do.