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Minecraft Server Status

Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Minecraft

As you guys well know we’ve had a lot of issues with Bukkit the Minecraft modification that we run on our server. Some of these issues have been solved and some of them haven’t.

But the bigger issue than just Bukkit is activity on our Minecraft server which is at an all time low. It would appear that switching to Vanilla although a good way to keep current users was not attractive to outsiders. Our official whitelist topic on the Minecraft forums which was once bussling with activity when we offered Kits is now completely dead now that we are Vanilla.

It would appear that people are not willing to invest the amount of time required in a Vanilla server. Especially one that is not already established with a large community. We are small and the users know we are small and that is not attractive when you’re choosing a server to put hundreds of hours of your work in to. It’s risky, you just don’t know if the server is going to flop or not.

And this is basically the situation we have right now. A server which is very difficult to keep working due to Bukkit and one with very little activity. So I’m asking you guys right now what do you want me to do. I’m going to present you with a few choices and there is a topic where you can vote.

1. Keep our current map and enable Kits

2. Go back to our old map before the data corruption and enable Kits

3. Keep our current map and stay Vanilla and just power through

4. Close down the server and find another server that will take all our current players

You can vote here: