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Teething problems with Bukkit

Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Minecraft

So as per my last post we have started our ‘new’ Minecraft server using Bukkit. Unfortunately Bukkit isn’t really ready for prime time but we’ve had little choice as we either stuck with broken hMod builds which corrupt maps or we move to Bukkit and suffer some bugs.

The biggest two issues we have currently with Bukkit are Memory Leaks and plugin compatibility. I’ve doubled the amount of memory that our Minecraft server can address to ‘stave off’ the memory leaks for longer periods of time. This means the Minecraft server will reboot around once a day.

The plugin compatibility however is out of our control completely. The issue is that Plugin developers compile their plugins against specific versions of Bukkit (say build 164) but within 12-24 hours Bukkit has already gained another 25-30 build versions and that plugin may now no longer work.

So you might say to yourself, simple don’t update Bukkit and stick with a version that works. And that would be a good idea except we use 8 plugins and each one wants a different version of Bukkit. And some of our old stable plugins soon become unstable upon upgrading Bukkit to be able to use another Plugin. One such example is Chest Protection. It worked around build 168 of Bukkit. No longer works in builds 230+

All I can say really is how sorry I am that this has happened but there really is nothing I can do. What I do know is that as time goes on Bukkit releases will become fewer and further apart which will help to stabilize the situation and our server. Until then I’m making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plugins we use and trying to keep the server stable and smooth for longer and longer periods of time.

Keep crafting, things will improve.