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Starting fresh with Minecraft

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in Minecraft

As some of you may be aware I came to the decision this week that during our move to Bukkit we would need to wipe our map and start over. This was obviously a big change but one I felt necessary for our server to remain online. I explained many of my reasons for this here on our forum:

It’s a long read but if you want to know why I decided to do this, please read the topic. When I started this server I made a promise that if the server was ever taken offline or the map was ever wiped that I would post the old map for users to download. And I have done that, it has been posted in the above topic on page 3. I’ll now repost it here for those that just want the map: It’s 260MB in size and heavily corrupted so I would suggest opening it in MCEdit and moving the spawn area as the original spawn is heavily corrupted and will cause your game to crash.

Our new map is now online and I’ve made us a new topic on the official Minecraft forums to invite new players to our server. That topic can be reached through the Signup button at the top of our site.

I hope everyone has a great time on the new server, already many things have been built and there is a lot of teamwork going in to the current projects. Everyone is a lot happier and I’ve not yet heard anyone speak negatively about the wipe, not to say those people don’t exist because I’m sure they do, but I hope making good on my promise to post the map will help those of you that are unhappy to put it behind you and that you will continue to game with us in our new world.

Thanks, and happy gaming!