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An update about our Minecraft Server

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 in Minecraft

Now I understand a lot of you have been dissapointed that our server hasn’t been updated due to the recent Notch update combined with the abandoning of the hMod project by hey0

It has sucked and today we have updated to the latest version of Notches server and we are now using an unofficial build of hMod to get us there. That means the server as of this post is online and running the latest version of Minecraft.

So the downside here is obviously how long it took, we will likely not get another hMod build in future (based on what Notch has planned according to his Blog posts) and Bukkit is still not ready yet. But I have high hopes for Bukkit the group of developers behind it seem well organised and they do have the ear of Mojang, they are going to be discussing with them a way to implement modding to the official server in an efficient manner.

Now the annoying thing is even after we’ve updated you still can’t play – Why? – Because Notches authentication server is under higher load than it can handle and almost no one can login. As you guys know the last time this happened I refused to disable user authentication on our server and that is still my stance for security reasons. When his server is working properly again I hope everyone has a great time! 🙂