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Starting fresh with Minecraft

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 |

As some of you may be aware I came to the decision this week that during our move to Bukkit we would need to wipe our map and start over. This was obviously a big change but one I felt necessary for our server to remain online. I explained many of my reasons for this here on our forum:

It’s a long read but if you want to know why I decided to do this, please read the topic. When I started this server I made a promise that if the server was ever taken offline or the map was ever wiped that I would post the old map for users to download. And I have done that, it has been posted in the above topic on page 3. I’ll now repost it here for those that just want the map: It’s 260MB in size and heavily corrupted so I would suggest opening it in MCEdit and moving the spawn area as the original spawn is heavily corrupted and will cause your game to crash.

Our new map is now online and I’ve made us a new topic on the official Minecraft forums to invite new players to our server. That topic can be reached through the Signup button at the top of our site.

I hope everyone has a great time on the new server, already many things have been built and there is a lot of teamwork going in to the current projects. Everyone is a lot happier and I’ve not yet heard anyone speak negatively about the wipe, not to say those people don’t exist because I’m sure they do, but I hope making good on my promise to post the map will help those of you that are unhappy to put it behind you and that you will continue to game with us in our new world.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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An update about our Minecraft Server

Posted by on Jan 20, 2011 |

Now I understand a lot of you have been dissapointed that our server hasn’t been updated due to the recent Notch update combined with the abandoning of the hMod project by hey0

It has sucked and today we have updated to the latest version of Notches server and we are now using an unofficial build of hMod to get us there. That means the server as of this post is online and running the latest version of Minecraft.

So the downside here is obviously how long it took, we will likely not get another hMod build in future (based on what Notch has planned according to his Blog posts) and Bukkit is still not ready yet. But I have high hopes for Bukkit the group of developers behind it seem well organised and they do have the ear of Mojang, they are going to be discussing with them a way to implement modding to the official server in an efficient manner.

Now the annoying thing is even after we’ve updated you still can’t play – Why? – Because Notches authentication server is under higher load than it can handle and almost no one can login. As you guys know the last time this happened I refused to disable user authentication on our server and that is still my stance for security reasons. When his server is working properly again I hope everyone has a great time! 🙂

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Updated Watchlist Code

Posted by on Jan 12, 2011 |

I’ve been busy yesterday and today updating the Watchlist code adding some features so I just wanted to list 3 of the changes.

1. The Watchlist now automatically removes TV Shows for you based on the condition that the TV Show in question has been cancelled by its network and there are no new episodes to be aired.

2. The Web Based interface for the Watchlist has been moved from to – This isn’t just a name switch. Previously the Database was held on the server but the data was parsed (using php) to the MXPulse server. This introduced latency and thus has now been changed, the WebUI now resides on the same server as the database resulting in an instantaneous loading of the page.

3. A few bugs were fixed including the annoying blank entry that users found on the bottom of their watchlists and some bugs in the delete function that could result in shows disappearing from your watchlist that you didn’t want to remove.

All of these changes are to the new Watchlist codebase which was introduced just before Christmas – That was a complete rewrite and it is already paying dividends as I was able to attempt and complete the above changes within a few hours (including experimentation and testing) which is in contrast to the several days it would have taken to implement these features in the old code base.

The Watchlist is one of my favourite features and I use it all the time, it’s one of those things that I couldn’t live without and it’s something I keep investing my time in because it’s useful and adds a lot of value to our community. I’m not the only one that relys on it to be fast and accurate.

In the near future I’ll be expanding the Watchlist functionality further still. The next major feature will more than likely be TV Show recommendations. This is a feature I’ve wanted to implement for a long time and doing it right which means making it accurate and relevent is paramount, get that wrong and the feature becomes completely worthless. I’ve been working on it and I think it will soon be ready to be activated.

Now I do want to explain what is different about our recommendation engine in comparison to some others you might find online. It does not recommend you shows that other people have just because they have a show in common with you on their watchlist.

Now you might think well isn’t that how recommendations work? – No that is how Bad recommendations work. What if you and another user like South Park and he has Battlestar Galactica on his Watchlist but you don’t like SciFi? – You wouldn’t want to receive that recommendation, it is not relevant to you.

So instead our recommendation engine will look at only your watchlist it will build up a profile of every show you watch brew all that data to come up with recommendations that are designed specifically to your tastes. Every show it recommends will have values that are in line with the shows you already watch. No guessing, no crowd sourcing just accurate results.

This is the reason that our recommendation engine has not arrived yet. It is very easy to simply recommend a show based on other users habits but this just isn’t meaningful and doesn’t work. I want to create something that not only works but that people use reliably to find new content to enjoy.
Thanks for reading! – By the way if you want a Watchlist you have to enter the Renegades chat room on the WinMX Peer Network, you can find the details of how to do that on the About page.

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New Stats Button

Posted by on Jan 7, 2011 |

If you look at the top right you’ll see a new button called Stats and this will show you the current stats of our Minecraft server such as players online, time spent online, blocks placed and so on. We are using the MCStats plugin to accomplish this and it did require some modification as the author of the plugin has allowed it to slump a little.

Hope everyone likes it 🙂

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