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Updated Map

Posted by on Dec 27, 2010 in Minecraft

As some of you may have noticed we’ve been making some changes to our map at such as better updated textures that are more realistic to what you will see in the game (Water, Grass and Tree leafs were updated).

Today I’ve put the final touches on a new addition, thanks to the work of k-zed at the hey0 forums for providing a plugin which outputs player positions to a flat file I’ve been able to hack together a way to include that data inside our map. So now as users move around in our world we now have those player positions represented on our map in real time.

This also means that I’ve broken a rule I made with myself when I started the Minecraft server which was I’d not get involved in coding anything as I knew each update would break our stuff and I’d have to continually maintain anything I wrote. Having said that I believe this is a good modification, although it is basic and without k-zed’s plugin for exporting the data I wouldn’t of done it in the first place, I’ll try to keep it updated as time goes on but I’m not promising anything. In the meantime enjoy! – And yes those icons representing the players is something I made in Photoshop, I hope they are not to obtrusive.